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Artist Bio

AnnaMaria Pinaka works across video, live performance, drawing, painting and writing. She has exhibited, screened and performed her work widely, most recently at the 6th Athens Biennale (GR), Mimosa House, London (GB), Centre for Sex and Culture, San Francisco (US), and Lily Robert, Paris (FR).

Focus of her work is the use of life material in art, and the relationship between sex, sexuality and image making, selfhood, auto-ethnography and performativity. Using the self as a source of performance, she creates a visual language that borrows from the rhetorics of pornography, but which relates also to the domestic realm, the mundane, banal and lived ordinary.

The methodologies she uses are those of diarism, and what she has come to term as ‘porno-graphing’ in her practice-led PhD thesis: Porno-graphing: ‘dirty’ subjectivities & self-objectification in contemporary lens-based art (2017, Roehampton University, London, UK).

Pinaka is co-path way leader of the Masters Degree program Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures of AKV|St.Joost (NL). Since 2019 she has been lecturer in the Department of Moving Image, at AKI, ArtEz, Enschede (NL) and visiting tutor at the Fine Arts Department (BEAR) at ArtEz, Arnhem (NL).

Selected Shows Performances & Screenings

2020      Bycatch (screening) @ The Body: Trauma, Memory, Trace. Communitism, Athens (GR)

2019      Ushers, (live performance) w/ Deniz Unal @ Liquid Lunch. Mimosa House, London (UK)

2018      1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (mural) @ ANTI 6th Athens Biennale, Athens (GR)

          Modern Family vol.1 (screening) @ Grandmother Festival. Tante Nino Project  
          Space, Rotterdam (NL)

          The beginning of my quest to impose structure on your
          formless genius, (live performance) @ The Ballroom, Amsterdam (NL)
          Loveline: Latraac Radio Episode 01, (live performance) w/
          Georgia Sagri, Paola Revenioti and Margaret Haines @ Latraac, Athens (GR)

          I Feel Like Everybody Is Watching, (live performance &  
          screening) @ Eagle Amsterdam and Rozenstraat – a rose
          is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam (NL)

          Porno-graphing, (live performance & screening) @ Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam (NL)

2017      Room with a View (digital collage) @The malignancy of Stupidity Lily Robert,
          Paris (FR)
          Know It All: Paola with AnnaMaria & Greta, (live performance) w/ Paola Revenioti  
          & Margaret Haines @ Ύλη[matter]HYLE, Athens (GR)

          The Announcement, (live performance) @ Coocoolili. Jamboree, London (UK)

2016      Modern Family vol.1, (screening) @ Greek Trash Deep Trash.
          Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London (UK)

2015      Where the Flow Is, (live performance) @ Does Not Equal. W139, Amsterdam (NL)

          Daddy, I am Man! (live performance) w/ Lo Liddell @ Open Art Route, Amsterdam (NL)

2014      Daddy, I am Man! (live performance) w/ Lo Liddell @ at Echtenstein
          Studios, Amsterdam (NL)

          Like a Record Baby, w/ Lo Liddell, (live performance) @ Deep Trash Italia  
          Eurosex Edition no.2. Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London (UK)

          Tastes Like Cherry Cola, (screening) @ To Have and To
          Hold Expanded. X Marks the Bökship, London (UK)

          Like a Record Baby, (screening) @ Queeristan, Amsterdam (NL)

2013      Red Romantics, (photography) @ Doing Your Dirty Work. Centre for Sex and  
          Culture, San Francisco (US)

           Baby says to baby, (drawing) @ On the Job, for Whitechapel Gallery. Art Car Boot
           Fair, London (UK)

2012      Hord & Borny, (curatorial project) @ Performance ]S P A C E[ , London (UK)

2011      I am Illegal, (performance) in Deniz Unal_s Orals TV II @ TENT, Rotterdam (NL)

2010      One to One, (screening) @ Lady Fest. La Tabacalera, Madrid (SP)

          Chair no. 12, (screening) @ To Have And To Hold. Transition Gallery, London (UK)

          All the Things I Like, (screening) @ Where is My Privacy? La Casa De Belle Arte,
          Istanbul (TR)

          Seven Movements Dressed as Salmon, (live performance) @ OYABORA. Kismet
          Projects, London (UK)

2009      Long Live Romance, (live performance) as part of my residency  
          curated by Ron Athey and Franko B @ the Academia Belle Arti di   
          Macerata, Macerata (IT)

Selected Publications

2019 ‘Porno-graphing: “dirtiness” and self-objectification’, in Thomas Waugh & Brandon Arroyo  (eds) I Confess!: Constructing the Sexual Self in the Internet Age. McGill Queen`s University Press, with contributions by Ken Plummer, Susanna Paasonen, Tom Roach, and Shohini Ghosh. Montreal (CA)

2019 ‘Finish your plate, bro! On resisting politics of redemption and satisfaction’, for Ann Hirsch: Jason’s Room, Krieg Gallery, Hasselt (BE)

2019 ‘Blue Tape : Exercises in Porno-Graphing’, in Justin Gajoux (ed) Kathy Acker, 1971-1974 Éditions Ismael, Lyon (FR)

2018 ‘The Running Water’, in Liza Prins (ed) Tales of Witches: A Collection of Creative Essays, De kunstilijn, Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem (NL)

2017 Pornographing: What do ‘dirty’ sexual subjectivities do to art?Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL)

2016 Survival is the best Revenge: Art Blacklist, with Sands Murray-Wassink, Side Room, Butchers’ Tears, Amsterdam (NL)

2014 Tastes Like Cherry Cola. Art publication, Valencia (SP)

2012-14 To Have and To Hold. Arts Journal co-editor and contributor London (UK)