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2022 De macht van ruimte – met Anna-Maria Pinaka naar het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, by Nadia de Vries Amsterdam, Mister Motley (NL)

2021 Anna-Maria Pinaka & Prefix-poly: Like a Record Baby, by Sophie Bates for WETFILM, Rotterdam (NL)

2020 Who Am I Doing This For? The Dirty Subjectivities of AnnaMaria Pinaka, by Nadia De Vries, ASAP Journal, vol. 5, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore (US) Interview with AnnaMaria Pinaka (UK)

2019 Porno-graphing: Where Pornography Meets Art, by Simone Rossi, Cactus,  8th Issue (IT)

2018 Dirty Subjects: An Interview with AnnaMaria Pinaka about Porno-graphing, by Liza Prins, Metropolis M (NL)

Athens Biennale: Resistance to Contemporary Life, by Marilena Astrapello, To Vima (GR)

2013  Doing Your Dirty Work in Postdiluvianphoto (US)