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Porno-graphing: ‘dirty’ subjectivities & self-objectification in contemporary lens-based art, Practice-led PhD, Roehampton University (2017)


2017       Porno-graphing: What do ‘dirty’ sexual subjectivities do to art?  Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL)               


2019      ‘Porno-graphing: “dirtiness” and self-objectification’, in Thomas Waugh & Brandon Arroyo (eds) I Confess!: Constructing the Sexual    
                Self in the Internet
Age McGill Queen`s University Press, Montreal (CA)

               ‘Blue Tape : Exercises in Porno-Graphing’, in Justin Gajoux (ed) Kathy Acker, 1971-1974 Éditions Ismael, Lyon (FR)

               ‘Finish your plate, bro! On resisting politics of redemption and satisfaction’, for Ann Hirsch: Jason’s Room, Krieg Gallery,Hasselt (BE)


2022      Dog 2, Rushes to Rushes in Rebecca Rijdijk (ed) Flowers Grow in Graveyards Too, Sunday Mornings by the River, Eindhoven (NL)

2021      Rushes to Rushes in Anik Fourier (ed) Social Movement: Through the Lens of Performance and Performativity, IICD, Amsterdam (NL)

2018       The Running Water, in Liza Prins (ed) Tales of Witches: A Collection of Creative Essays, De kunstilijn, Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem (NL)