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Let’er rip!

Let’er rip! takes the shape of a video whose figurative focus is Jim Morrison, performed by me in drag and wearing a carton mask. This staged footage is juxtaposed with recordings of myself in my parents’ house, wearing the mask but otherwise naked, covering up when hearing people close-by. The question that drives the project is how small or seemingly uneventful can a performative gesture be and still be meaningful, or rather, not collapse onto meaninglessness? I am also interested in exploring the camera as a mirroring mechanism, that offers and withholds power; this is activated through the figure of a police-man who chases and beats Jim Morrison. This chase allows for a rhythmic editing to unfold, negotiating my lust for embodying Morrison and my simultaneous critical take on notions of embodiment that link selfhood to fullness and wholeness. I am interested rather in unsettling the fixity of the subject, doubting the truthfulness of my self and the value of my work, ‘unknowing’ those, to use a term of Jack Halberstam, as my strategy. I want to be Morrison but in doing so I want to question this idea of a ‘me’ that wants to be ‘him’.